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Social Ads – Successfully advertise in social networks

Social networks and social platforms are very popular and are used intensively in Germany. This has also been noticed by companies that use social ads to reach their target group on the portals with their advertising messages. As a social ads agency, we at performanceLiebe offer our customers an all-round carefree service on the subject of social ads.

We are very familiar with the respective platforms and can use the various advertising systems optimally for the benefit of our customers. The result is targeted ads that are appropriately tailored to the product or service.

Social ads are an essential part of any holistic online marketing strategy. Otherwise, great advertising potential is left unused and you leave this interesting opportunity to the competition.

☑️ Why are social ads so popular with companies?

Media consumption behavior in Germany is undergoing a major upheaval. The use of social platforms continues to grow – the intensity of use is increasing. This change also has losers: Other media (especially the classic ones) now receive less attention or time from users. This fact must also be taken into account in a marketing strategy with a reallocation of advertising resources. We are also happy to perform offpage SEO measures for you.

☑️ Switching social media advertising

We are your specialists to create successful social media advertising. You can rely on us, after all we have many years of practical experience with the creation, optimization and support of social ads campaigns.

Our process for helping our clients achieve successful social ads is as follows.

  • To begin with, we analyze the status quo – for this purpose, our social ads managers analyze campaigns that are already running (if available). We look at which aspects of the campaign are going really well and which parts are not having the desired effect.
  • We then discuss with you which goals you would like to pursue with a social ads campaign. This point is particularly important for us – after all, branding campaigns are structured quite differently than conversion-optimized campaigns.
  • Based on this information, we create a concept. We outline what campaign design we would recommend and what it will cost to implement.
  • When the project starts, we clarify with the client the wording and corporate identity that can influence the ad design.
  • Now we set about implementing the campaign. The advertising materials are designed appropriately for the respective social network, the products, the landing page and the target group. In addition, the corresponding display parameters are set.
  • Once the campaign is running, our work is far from over: Now the regular testing and optimization of campaign performance begins.
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☑️ Social Ads Advantages for Advertisers

Many companies are now familiar with classic forms of online advertising such as Google Ads or banner advertising. The topic of search engine optimization is also no longer new territory for most companies. But when it comes to social ads, most are still quite inexperienced – after all, this form of advertising is still quite young.

With the various social networks, there are many variations of social ads available to businesses. This diversity is a great advantage for advertisers: depending on the business sector or target group, some platforms are better suited for certain scenarios. While LinkedIn and Xing are particularly suitable for business-to-business applications, Facebook and Instagram are excellent for business-to-customer applications. We would be happy to explain the possibilities of social ads based on your company. In doing so, we also show which platforms are suitable for you.

Another advantage of social ads is their excellent controllability: in addition to targeting specific audiences, social ads campaigns can also be set up in terms of geographic factors. In addition, the campaign budget can be set flexibly and quickly. In this way, the campaign can be adapted to changing conditions at any time. This delicate controllability sets social ads apart from traditional forms of advertising such as TV advertising, print advertising and radio advertising. The possibilities of controllability also result from the excellent evaluation possibilities.

The measurability of the campaign’s impact excites marketers: The success of social ads campaigns can be evaluated in detail – which makes this form of advertising very attractive. In the case of online stores, the measurability goes even further: here, it is even possible to measure and evaluate the direct increase in sales generated by the respective advertising campaigns. This precise quantifiability of success or failure ensures that profitability can be determined for each individual social ads campaign.

Social ads also enable the pursuit of multiple marketing goals – even on the same platform: while one campaign can create brand awareness, another can target new orders. These possibilities once again underline the versatility of this form of advertising. Social ads can therefore be used by almost all companies to achieve the marketing goals they have set.

Social ads come with comparatively low barriers to entry: While other forms of advertising require a high initial investment (for example, TV advertising or print advertising), social ads can be run with virtually any budget. The budget can thus grow with the company or with the company’s success. This is a very comfortable situation for advertisers, after all, social ads allow all companies to reach their target audience – without blowing their marketing budget.

Social ads are quite easy to internationalize – at least compared to other classic forms of advertising. Internationalization does not have to be considered when designing the original campaign – subsequent expansion is also possible without further ado. It must be mentioned that when internationalizing social ads, an adaptation to the respective target market can still be carried out. What does that mean in concrete terms?

When we roll out social ads internationally for you, we don’t just translate them. We analyze the respective target markets and adapt the entire campaign to them. This is a decisive factor for the success of the campaign; after all, every country has its own linguistic and cultural peculiarities. Planning to expand your social ads campaign to other countries or languages? Then we are the right contact – as a social ads agency we take care of the translation and the adaptation of the campaign to the respective target market.

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As a fairly young form of advertising, the advertiser benefits from comparatively low prices with social ads. Long-established formats tend to become increasingly expensive to leverage their reach in the form of marketing campaigns. This effect has not yet set in for young media such as social ads. There are favorable marketing opportunities for companies. Of course, the comparatively low price has no influence on the effectiveness of the channel – the advertiser merely benefits from the fact that the medium is quite young and not every company advertises there yet.

Social ads appear in an interactive environment, because the recipient of the advertising message actively operates the platform and participates in it in the form of photos, text or other contributions. Social ads appear in the context of this active engagement. This circumstance makes social ads so attractive as a form of advertising, because the company actively reaches its target audience.

As a social ads agency, we will be happy to show you the various advantages of this form of advertising – specifically at your company. You will certainly be surprised at the potential that lies dormant there! Our many years of experience enable us to generate target-oriented and effective campaigns. We would be happy to use this expertise for the success of your company. Another effective measure of online marketing is link building. As an experienced link building agency, we will gladly take on this task for you.

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☑️ Social Ads Agency

The ad placement systems of the various social platforms are complex and also differ significantly. It takes a lot of experience to design social ads so that they work efficiently and effectively in the advertiser’s mind. Without such optimization, advertising goals may not be achieved or money may be spent unnecessarily. As a social ads agency and Google Ads agency, we are your ideal contact for this.

☑️ 5 reasons why social media advertising is so effective

  1. Gigantic reach: A large number of potential customers can be reached via the various social platforms. Due to the many users, almost every target group can be found there.
  2. Low wastage: The precise targeting of social ads enables a targeted approach to the desired target group.
  3. Universal: Social media advertising is open to companies of all sizes.
  4. Excellent transparency:The use of social ads can be measured and evaluated with the help of comprehensive reports.
  5. Versatile: Social ads can be used for both branding and performance campaigns.
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☑️ Reaching your own target group with social ads

Your advertising should reach people exactly from your target group? Social ads are ideal for this. With us as your social ads agency, you have found the ideal partner to tailor the social ads precisely to your target group and target them accordingly.

But how exactly does it work with social ads and target group-specific advertising? At the beginning of such a campaign there is a detailed consultation – in this we define the desired goals of the social ads campaign as well as the target group of the products or services. This conversation serves as the foundation for subsequent campaign building.

The social networks collect a great deal of data about their users and generate extensive profiles from it. As part of their advertising networks, the platforms offer advertisers the option of using this data as filter and selection criteria for the targeting of advertising.

A provider of garden furniture could benefit from these particular targeting opportunities as follows: On Facebook and Instagram, ads can be played out to people who are interested in gardening and garden design. Home ownership and appropriate age may be considered as additional criteria. In this way, only people who are of a certain age (e.g. over 30), who own residential property (e.g. a house) and who have previously expressed a direct or indirect interest in gardens or garden design are confronted with the advertisement. This detailed specification of the recipients of the advertising message significantly reduces wastage. In addition, many ad networks reward accurate targeting with more favorable (click) prices. In this way, the generation of particularly valuable traffic is possible, which, used correctly, can lead to additional sales.

We are the right partner when it comes to the target group-specific design and playout of social ads. Our social ads experts are also happy to implement powerful campaigns for your company. Trust in our many years of expertise!

☑️ Paid Social – paid advertising in social networks

Paid social is an efficient way to reach your target audience. The paid ads can be ideally used to attract new customers to your company. The wide reach and high usage intensity makes social media advertising even more attractive. Various social networks are available, each with its own orientation. Depending on which products you want to offer or which target group you want to address, certain platforms are more suitable.
The social networks offer different billing models for your social ads, the most common ones being:

  • Contact price per thousand (CPM)
  • Pay per Impression (PPI)
  • Pay per Click (PPC)
  • Pay per Lead (PPL)
  • Pay per Order (PPO)
  • Pay per Acquisition (PPA)

We specialize in paid social and guide our clients through the confusing jungle of social media advertising – and create powerful social ads campaigns for you, too! Paid social is also an ideal complement to buying backlinks.

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Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

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☑️ Facebook Ads

The best-known social network Facebook has a huge reach: In Germany alone, there are 32 million Facebook users per month. Over 29 million of them (also) access it from their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet).

Ads on Facebook are called Facebook Ads. They are played in different ad formats and positions to the Facebook user when using the social network.

Facebook Ads can be played out in a very targeted manner, which enables particularly granular control of the advertising campaign and low wastage. Ads can be targeted by various criteria: e.g., age, location, gender, interests, demographics, and behaviors.

Facebook Ads Agency

As a Facebook Ads agency, we take care of your complete Facebook advertising campaigns. We set up the campaigns for you and then take care of the optimization.

To achieve the highest possible effectiveness, we align Facebook advertising with the customer journey. This means that the customer is confronted with ads that are adapted to his current status in the research and purchasing process.

More customers through Facebook Ads

You want to generate new customers via Facebook Ads? Then you are exactly right with us as Facebook Ads agency. In countless campaigns, we have set up efficient processes for our customers that can be used to acquire valuable new customers in a scalable manner.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation to learn how we can get your Facebook Ads on track for success, too.

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Acquiring new customers with Facebook Ads

☑️ Social Ads Retargeting

Social ads can also be used for a special form of marketing: With social ads retargeting, the ads are deliberately played out to people who have already had contact with your brand or company. The criteria for the playout of such retargeting ads can be defined individually and complexly. For online stores, for example, shopping cart abandoners can be addressed. These are users who have placed goods from the online store in the shopping cart, but then canceled the purchase in a subsequent step of the ordering process. Social ads retargeting helps increase the effectiveness of other forms of advertising by converting supposedly lost prospects into lucrative buyers after all.

The possibilities of social ads retargeting are numerous and can be applied in several ways. As a social ads agency, we are well versed in the various options of social ads retargeting and can help your company run an effective campaign as well. You too can use retargeting to optimize your existing campaigns. This variant of social ads can lead to an additional conversion uplift. With us you use the advertising form profitably. We would be happy to analyze for you whether and how social ads retargeting can make sense for your company.

☑️ Instagram Ads

The social network Instagram is a subsidiary of the top dog Facebook and allows its users to share photos and video. In Germany, the service is used by around 15 million people. Like Facebook, Instagram is also financed by advertising.

For companies, placing social ads on Instagram is interesting because the service generates a very special viewing experience with its focus on images and videos. The visual impression is also in the foreground in the advertisements.

Instagram Ads can be targeted specifically to the desired audience with precise targeting options.

Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

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Lead generation through Instagram Ads

You too can use the network to address your target group in a targeted manner. We have helped numerous clients increase their reach on Instagram and reach their target audience through Instagram Ads.

Among other things, we can achieve the following goals for you with an Instagram advertising campaign:

  • Branding: We make your brand or product known to the target group. The primary focus is on increasing brand awareness, not sales – but of course does not exclude the latter.
  • Generating buying interest: With the right ads, we inform the target group about your products and services. With this form of advertising, customers become aware that your company offers a solution for them.
  • Conversions: The sale of goods or services can also be promoted with social ads on Instagram.

☑️ YouTube Advertising – YouTube Ads

On the video portal YouTube, users can watch videos and upload them themselves. According to an ARD/ZDF online study, 64% of Germans use free video portals. Due to the focus on the video format, users engage with the portal’s content comparatively intensively and for a long time. The YouTube service belongs to Google and is financed by the insertion of advertising.

YouTube is therefore very interesting for advertisers:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Advertisers are assured of a wide reach.
  • Since the takeover by Google, video teasers are also included in the regular search – and thus ensure an even more prominent presentation.
  • In addition to classic text ads, video ads can also be used to convey the advertising message. This allows for additional creative design options.
Acquiring new customers with Facebook Ads

YouTube advertising targeting

As with many other social ads, YouTube ads can be targeted to an individual audience. A large number of parameters are available for this purpose.

  • Classic demographic data such as age, gender and household income can be selected.
  • Likewise, it is possible to filter according to specific interests.
  • Specific websites, YouTube channels and YouTube videos can be selected as placements.
  • Alignment can also be specified according to certain topics.
  • As with the classic Google Ads, certain search words can be defined for which the ads are displayed.

YouTube agency

If you want to successfully advertise your company on YouTube, our agency is the right choice. As a YouTube agency, we have an excellent understanding of the intricacies of YouTube campaign creation and design powerful YouTube advertising campaigns for our clients. Of course, our YouTube experts also take care of the creation of the advertising material.

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Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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☑️ Social Ads Strategy Development

We see ourselves as your holistic social ads agency, which is why we first deal intensively with our clients’ social ads strategy. This strategy forms the basis for all campaigns and defines the goals, focus and themes. We believe that a good strategy lays the foundation for an effective social ads campaign.

The social ads strategy focuses primarily on the goals of the campaign: What is to be achieved with social ads? For each company, these goal definitions look a little different. An online store often defines new orders as the top goal, while a service provider prioritizes contact requests or newsletter signups. For other companies, whitepaper downloads can also be a marketing objective, as can increasing brand awareness.

We provide intensive support in defining your social ads goals and develop a holistic social ads strategy based on these.

A Socials Ads strategy also defines the set of topics to be involved in the campaign. These are designed by us together with the customer depending on the campaign goals and, if necessary, seasonal components. Our content marketing experts are well versed in topic selection and are sure to find content for your company that will excite your target audience!

When developing a social ads strategy, we also make sure that the target group is correctly defined. Even if this step sounds banal, we have often seen that glaring mistakes have been made here. The campaign must be consistently targeted to the potential buyers of your services or products. Especially with social media, there is a danger that campaigns are designed for general popularity – unfortunately often bypassing the actual target group. With us, this mistake will not happen to you. Our external perspective also eliminates the usual problems of operational blindness.

Acquiring new customers with Facebook Ads

☑️ XING Ads

The social network XING specializes in business contacts. The focus here is on contact between colleagues as well as on finding new useful contacts. With its more than 16 million members, XING represents an interesting opportunity to place its advertising messages in a targeted manner in the B2B environment.

We are happy to assist you if you would like to increase your brand awareness or generate new leads via XING.

We offer the placement of XING Ads as a full service: We create a campaign concept for you, create the necessary advertising materials and then implement the advertising campaign in the XING Ads system.

By focusing on business relationships and contacts, the social network XING with its social ads offers an interesting advertising opportunity – we would be happy to accompany you as a partner in placing ads.

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☑️ LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is also a social network that specializes in maintaining and expanding business relationships. LinkedIn is international in scope and available in more than 200 countries. The platform has more than 610 million registered users worldwide, and over 12 million in Germany.

Since LinkedIn is one of the 50 most visited websites, the platform is naturally also of great importance for advertisers.

We create effective LinkedIn Ads for your company. Thanks to our many years of experience and specially trained staff, we can place particularly efficient ads with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Differentiated targeting makes it possible to address the desired target group in a targeted manner. The individual profile characteristics and behaviors can be selected. LinkedIn ads are especially often targeted by company, demographics, education, work experience, and interests.

Advertise successfully with social ads on the LinkedIn platform – we create effective campaigns for you and optimize them continuously.

Acquiring new customers with Facebook Ads
Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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Acquiring new customers with Facebook Ads

☑️ Successful social ads with performanceLiebe

We would be happy if you would choose us as your social ads agency. You can be sure that with our many years of experience and the continuous training of our team, we will achieve the best for you and your business goals! Whether as an SEO agency or in the field of social ads.

In a no-obligation initial consultation, we will be happy to present our approach and show you the many options open to you when using social ads in your marketing mix.

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