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With forum links to top rankings? Backlinks from forums can be used as part of a sustainable link building strategy to increase a company’s visibility on the Internet.

We are your contact if you want to buy effective forum links to climb the first places of search results. In addition to forum link building, our numerous customers are also enthusiastic about our holistic consulting services. Our many years of expertise enable us to design a high-reach link building strategy for any company. We are also happy to carry out further measures for Offpage SEO for you.

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☑️ What are forums?

Forums are virtual platforms for the exchange of opinions and information between Internet users. Forums have been run for this purpose for over two decades. For non-tech-savvy Internet users, they were also the first opportunity to contribute content to the Internet themselves – and not just consume it.

The number of forums is gigantic – there is a special forum for almost every topic. Car forums, home improvement forums, cooking forums, computer forums, smartphone forums, cinema forums, hi-fi forums exist as well as niche forums about sleep apnea. Users appreciate this diversity and are happy to be able to discuss with others who have similar hobbies or problems. In some cases, really large communities develop from this.

Since many problems are discussed and solved in the forums, the forum posts are also regularly found in the search results of Google & Co. Well-running forums thus benefit from a powerful stream of visitors starting from the search engines.

☑️ What are forum links?

The posts in forums consist mainly of text, this can also be enriched with photos, highlights and also links, depending on the forum. If a link to an external page is included in a post, it is called a forum link.

High quality forum links in organic forum discussions.

The panelists and also any visitors via Google notice such links and, if interested, also visit the linked page. In the case of well-demanded topics, the linked page thus benefits from additional visitors.

Over the years, Google has become very good at mining and processing forums. Of course, the search engine prime also evaluates all links contained in a forum post – this fact also makes forum links relevant for search engine optimizers.

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☑️ Buy forum links

Those who want to improve the visibility of their company on the Internet can buy forum links. We at performanceLiebe offer forum link building services to our clients. As part of a link building strategy, forum links can effectively contribute to search engine optimization. In numerous campaigns of our clients we have found that buying forum links is rightly very attractive for companies.
Forum links are weaker compared to strong content links from magazines or news sites, but at the same time they are significantly cheaper. As part of a natural looking link profile, they can also increase the domain popularity of a domain. Domain popularity is a relevant indicator in online marketing and tells how many different domains refer to a domain.

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☑️ Buy forum links for more visitors

In forums, users engage in lively discussions about various topics. The readers do not only come from the forum community itself, the individual contributions are also found via Google. Finally, the mutual exchange of experiences, opinions and arguments ensures that the participants deal intensively with the subject matter and create really helpful and useful content. Therefore, it is indeed possible to buy forum links for more visitors. A cleverly placed forum link within a discussion in a busy forum ensures that new visitors click on the link every day. Like Google, the readers of the forum topic are equally happy about the recommendation in the form of a link.

Numerous companies use the opportunity to buy forum links to increase traffic to their website – and with success!

The following factors are important when buying forum links to ensure that more visitors actually reach the website via a forum link: The forum should be lively and heavily frequented – because no visitors stray into an orphaned forum. In addition, the forum link should be cleverly placed and perceived as a real added value by readers and discussion participants.

When you buy forum links from us, we naturally pay attention to the high quality of the forums. Your link will be meaningfully placed in a discussion and can directly add value to readers and search engines.

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Build forum links - 6 months warranty

☑️ Link building with forum links

Forum links as an effective part of a link building campaign: For Google, links from forums can be an indication of a good site. Some SEO experts also see forum links as extended social signals. We will be happy to advise you on how an effective campaign can also be carried out for your domain.

We take a holistic approach to link building: After a detailed analysis of your domain and especially its link profile, we work out a concrete link building strategy. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which links you are missing for better rankings.

We guarantee our customers the existence of the forum links for at least 6 months. If the forum link disappears within this period, we will provide a replacement free of charge. This gives our customers planning security.

☑️ Buy German forum links

Which link mix is natural for a company’s link profile depends on the industry. For most companies operating predominantly in Germany, the majority of links also come from German-language sites. Therefore, when buying forum links, you should make sure that the respective language orientation is taken into account.

With us you can therefore buy targeted German forum links to strengthen your link profile. These are placed in reputable, German-language forums. We make sure that the theme of your company can also be ideally integrated into the theme of the forum. You are welcome to give us any other requests that should be taken into account when building the forum link. This creates an effective forum link that strengthens your page in the long term.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to buy German forum links.

☑️ Buy forum links – hand set forum links

When you buy forum links from us, you get only hand-set forum links. Why is it important that forum links are set by hand? There are several programs that can automatically create accounts in forums and then post posts along with the link. This form of forum links are integrated lovelessly, have no relation to the respective forum thread and offer no added value. They are quickly recognizable and are often identified as spam by the forum moderation team and removed. Also, automated forum links run the risk of placing forum links in orphaned forums.

Our hand-set forum links cleverly integrate into the existing discussion. The post text deals with the content of the previous posts. The manual method also gives us the opportunity to actively influence the topic and tenor of the forum discussion. Readers therefore find the article a valuable contribution to the discussion.
With us you will get high quality hand-set forum links that will help you improve your visibility on the Internet.

☑️ Premium Forum Links

As with all backlinks, you should also pay attention to high quality when buying forum links. We also talk about premium forum links in this context. Our criteria for effective forum links are:

  • Topic-relevant forums: The topic of the forum should match the topic of the company or product. A link for a garden and landscape builder from a garden forum is ideal, for a medium-sized personnel service provider the link does not really fit.
  • Active forums: The forum should have reached a certain size to be relevant for Google. It is also important that it is active – that is, that new posts are continuously being made. Links do not make sense in orphaned forums.
  • Meaningful contributions: Meaningful and high-quality content should also be taken into account in the contributions. A more intensive study of the linking page in the article is advisable.
  • Natural ratio of (No-)Follow: For forum links backlinks, care should be taken to ensure that the ratio of follow and nofollow links looks as natural as possible. A look at the competitor’s link profile can provide information about the appropriate ratio.
  • Posts from established accounts: For forum participants and for Google, recommendations look more credible when they come from established forum accounts. In this context, we speak of established when the forum account has already been active for some time and has already participated in discussions – and thus has already built up a little trust or confidence in the community.

We create forum links exclusively by hand and not via automated software. This is the only way we can meet our high quality standards.

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Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
sales Manager

Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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☑️ Future of forum links

As long as there are forums, there will be links from forums. And as part of a balanced link mix, forum links are excellent. In our view, this is mainly due to the following reasons:

The presence of forum links is natural for sites with good content in many industries. Discussion participants in forums like to link interesting content voluntarily in order to draw the attention of other participants to it and to exchange ideas about the topic.

Another advantage is the diversification of anchor texts: Forums often link generically (e.g., with words like “here”). You can take advantage of this by placing some cheap generic forum backlinks alongside hard anchor texts from high-quality content links.

A link in an interesting forum discussion in a busy forum can also bring a lot of traffic. Potential new customers are also easily found among the visitors. Even ready without considering the SEO aspects, buying forum links can be a worthwhile investment.

☑️ Buy topic-relevant forum links

As with other types of links, it is also important for forum links that there is a certain topic relevance between the link-giving page and the target page. With us you can buy forum links relevant to the topic, we make sure that the topic actually fits your link target. To ensure that we have a suitable forum in our portfolio for every topic, we have to research and process a correspondingly high number of forums. Handcrafted, we create natural looking user accounts that participate in many discussions.

We are proud of the fact that our customers can always buy topic-relevant forum links from us – we have been able to find the right forum for every company or industry so far. In addition to topic relevance, we also make sure that the respective forum is always alive. After all, nothing is more meaningless than an orphaned forum

☑️ Why buy forum links?

Buying forum links is a frequently requested service – we will be happy to explain why this trend has not decreased in recent years. Among other things, the search engine leader Google evaluates the link profile of a website in order to determine the ranking of a website within the search results. While it used to be possible to rank with a large amount of links alone, nowadays a natural and plausible link profile plays an important role. The links should be selected critically and be suitable for the respective industry and the previous profile.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to buy forum links. Our extensive portfolio allows us to build effective forum links in all industries. For the creation of forum links we use only real and active forums – no inactive, full-spammed or fallen asleep forums. With such a forum link, our customer benefits not only from the actual backlink but also from the traffic that may result from the forum thread. This again increases the usefulness of the forum link. We can also offer you forum links in many established forums and use old-established forum accounts. We always integrate the forum link into a meaningful context, so the contribution to the discussion is considered natural and can fully develop its effect. As part of a holistic link building strategy, this is a way to buy forum links that can improve a website’s ranking.

With us you can buy forum links that will strengthen your natural link profile. All our links are built by hand and ideally placed by our experienced link builders from our link building agency. Of course, you can also buy other backlinks from us.

☑️ Buy forum links from performanceLiebe

We are an owner-managed link building agency and are passionate about increasing our clients’ visibility on the internet. With our team of eight and our many years of experience, we can look back on a considerable list of references.

By the way: The two managing directors of performanceLiebe, Michael Jahn and Patrick Tomforde, can look back on a huge wealth of experience in the national and international context. This will help you to successfully carry out even complicated and demanding SEO campaigns. With personal contacts, we lead our customers to the top of the search results.

As a reputable provider of forum links, we maintain countless accounts in numerous well-known forums. Many of them have been built up with a lot of diligence over several years and enjoy great trust in the respective community.

Fairness and sustainability are very important to us! That’s why we don’t have long contracts – our customers simply book on-demand with us. In order to meet our demands regarding sustainability, we pay attention to a very high quality in link building.

We look forward to helping you gain more online visibility too!

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