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Keyword analysis – the basis for successful SEO

With a keyword analysis we gain valuable insights for the marketing activities of your company. This way you will learn under which search terms you must be found in any case. A carefully conducted keyword analysis is an ideal basis for the development of an efficient marketing campaign.

For various marketing activities on the Internet, a keyword analysis should be carried out in advance. Such a keyword analysis is especially important for search engine optimization, but also advertising systems like Google Ads benefit from the results of a keyword analysis. A keyword analysis helps the company to find the relevant search terms. It can be performed both for home page, important subpages or for special landing pages.

The goal of a keyword analysis is to research as many significant search terms for a topic as possible. We explain below whether a search term is relevant for a company. The result of the keywords analysis helps with the content design of the respective page – and thus makes it possible to create the content as comprehensively as possible.

Our SEO experts have extensive experience in researching relevant keywords. With the use of market-leading SEO tools, we are happy to perform a keywords analysis for your company as well. Of course, we also take into account the strategic orientation of your company.

☑️ What are keywords or search terms?

If someone searches for something on Google, their input is understood as a keyword or search term. A keyword can consist of one or more words. Examples of search queries are “gardener Berlin”, “learn to play the drums” or “golf”. The search engine tries to interpret the search intention of the searcher as well as possible and delivers the search result accordingly. Understanding a search query is not so easy in many cases – the search term “golf” could mean the vehicle, the sport or the sea.

Understanding search terms is also very important for businesses. Only if you know the search terms that searchers use to look for your products or solutions can you use online marketing to ensure that they find you. We are also happy to perform other offpage SEO measures for you.

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☑️ Search intentions of keywords

The terms searched for on Google and other search engines fall into four categories. This categorization helps to select suitable keywords. In addition, knowing the search intent allows for the creation of more appropriate content. The following four types are distinguished:

  • Information-driven search queries: The searcher informs himself about a topic. Insofar as this search is linked to a purchasing process, the searcher is at the beginning of the purchasing decision process. In many cases, people are looking for guides, instructions or help.
  • Transactional searches: In this case, the searcher wants to perform a transaction. This can be a purchase or an order – but also a download or a contact request can be the result of a transactional search query. With regard to the classification in the purchase decision process, this search query is to be classified rather at the end.
  • Navigation-oriented search queries: The search query should lead the user to a specific page. The search for the search term “Facebook” is usually not intended to reveal any information about the social network, but to bring the searcher to the social network as quickly as possible. For the purchase process, these search queries have an unordered role
  • Brand search queries: A brand search query is a search for a specific brand.

For search engine optimization, it is important to know the search intent behind a search query. Only in this way can the content be perfectly adapted to the visitor’s intention. This makes for a good visitor experience!

In addition to the previously described search types, search terms are often also specified by location and / or time. This can also be a good clue to provide optimal content to the searcher.

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☑️ Keyword analysis: Which search terms are relevant for my company?

Keywords analysis is not just about researching as many keywords as possible that might somehow fit the company and its products / solutions. In particular, it is also about the evaluation and classification of the search terms found. A list of keywords as long as possible would cause unnecessary resources in content creation or SEO measures.

Relevant search terms therefore mean that the search term is relevant to the searcher and to the strategic objective of the company. For a gardener based in Berlin, the search query “gardener Berlin” is relevant, because this is exactly the activity he offers his customers. For the searcher, the search term is equally relevant, because a gardener Berlin is for him the solution of his task positions or problem. By the way: The right search terms are also important for backlinks. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of buying backlinks!

Some search terms seem to fit, but are not useful for the specific strategic objective. For our gardener in Berlin, the search term “garden tools Berlin” could fall into this category. Garden tools fit to the gardener and also the geographical reference is correct, but since the gardener does not sell the garden tools he can neither fulfill the search intention of the searcher – nor earn money with this search query. Except in a dedicated advice article as part of a content marketing campaign, stay away from this search term for our gardener from the capital.

When researching relevant search terms, another perspective should be considered. Many seekers have a concrete problem, but do not know the solution or the way to solve it. Therefore, they can only look for the symptoms of their problem and not for suitable products. Companies are well advised to also let themselves be found among the problems their customers suffer from before they make use of the company’s services and products.

In the example of our gardener, such a problem keyword could be “molehill in the garden”. The customer is annoyed by always new piles of soil, but does not know how to solve the problem. If the gardener is found under this search query, he can offer him to lay a mole barrier. The customer was previously unaware that such a product existed and is accordingly pleased to have found a solution to his problem.

This approach leads to many new keywords, under which the company should be found in any case.

In practice, we have often been able to convince our clients of the value and usefulness of our keyword analyses. An online store commissioned us to research and prioritize all relevant search terms. Since the store consisted of very many different categories, the list of relevant search terms grew quickly. Before presenting our results to the client, we matched the search terms with terms that our client already had rankings in. The result was surprising: for several categories, we found entirely new search terms thanks to different perspectives. These have simply not been considered by our customer so far. After incorporating the keywords into his SEO strategy, his visibility increased and so did his traffic. The customer told us afterwards that the success of the keyword analysis had surprised him and that he regretted not having commissioned us with it before.

Time and time again, we encounter clients who don’t think it’s possible that they’ve overlooked search terms beforehand. Hire us to perform a keyword analysis and don’t give away unused potential to your competitors.

In the vast majority of cases, conducting a keyword analysis leads to valuable insights for the client – would you also like to benefit from our expertise? We are happy to perform a keyword analysis for your domain.

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☑️ Keywords: From short to long tail

In the context of a keyword analysis, search terms are also differentiated in terms of their length. So-called short tail search terms are concrete search terms consisting of one or a few words. The search queries are relatively frequently searched. Who is found hereunder, receives many visitors. As a rule, short-tail search queries are not yet that close to the purchase decision because they lack concreteness. An example of a short tail search would be “vacation”. The searcher wants to find out about vacations, but has apparently not yet thought about the destination and travel period.

Long tail keywords are concrete search queries consisting of several or many words. The search queries are formulated very specifically. “Holiday London autumn apartment booking”, would be an example of such a request. From this search query it is very clear what the searcher wants: he wants to book a vacation in an apartment in London in the fall. If he finds the right offer, he will most likely make the booking directly.

Within the scope of a keyword analysis, both short tail and long tail search terms are researched. Both types (and also all intermediate stages) can be relevant for the company’s acquisition process.

When you have us perform a keyword analysis, you receive a comprehensive list of relevant keywords – we search for suitable keywords for the various stages of the buying process and make sure that the keywords cover the different concretizations.

You are curious which short- and long-tail keywords we will find for your company – we would be happy to perform a keyword analysis for you!

☑️ Keyword analysis: focusing on the right search terms

Our keyword analysis help companies understand your target audience. Only with the right understanding of the target group can suitable content and campaigns be created. And only such content offers the best possible conversion rate and makes a positive contribution to business success.

Our SEO experts have a lot of experience and know exactly how to track down the relevant search terms. For our existing clients we have already performed a large number of keyword analyses. Clients often told us afterwards that they were thrilled with the scope of our results and the value. We often hear that our keyword analyses have a great benefit for businesses.

Several resources are required to create a sound keyword analysis:

  • Expertise and experience: Our SEO experts are proficient in keyword analysis and are able to create a sound keyword research for any company, for any topic and for any industry. Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience and are thus able to handle even very demanding projects.
  • Use of market-leading SEO tools: In order to perform sound keyword analyses for our clients, we use several SEO tools. With these, we gain valuable insights. Through special training and our experience, we know how to use the tools in the best possible way. The result is a list of relevant keywords – perfect for starting an SEO campaign.

For the implementation of an efficient and effective online marketing strategy, the knowledge of one’s own keyword set is of elementary importance. This is because the success of the measures depends to a large extent on the search terms used. If you disregard important search terms as part of your online marketing strategies, you shouldn’t be surprised if your campaigns don’t bring the desired success.

Contact us if you want to know all your relevant keywords. Our SEO experts will perform a comprehensive, in-depth analysis – the results will provide you with valuable insights for your marketing strategies.

☑️ Who should perform a keyword analysis?

Many companies ask themselves whether it makes sense for them to carry out a keyword analysis? Are they gaining valuable insights? Does the relevance of a keyword analysis depend on the company size, the company industry or the company orientation?

With a keyword analysis, you learn an incredible amount of insights about your own company and at the same time create a lot of new potential. Knowledge of the relevant keywords across all products and services is of elementary importance – because only with this knowledge can a targeted and efficient online marketing campaign be run. In doing so, one must by no means limit the analysis to the products and other offers – because often true search term treasures also result from the underlying problems of the customers. Those who are found among these often present themselves to the seeker as saviors in distress and are perceived accordingly. Visibility under relevant search terms is incredibly valuable for companies.

In the course of our business, we have found that keyword analysis can provide important insights for almost any business. Ignorance of relevant search terms costs a lot of money or wastes a lot of potential.

Take advantage of the possibilities of a well-founded keyword analysis for your company – you will be surprised what valuable insights we will generate for you in the course of a keyword analysis.

☑️ Keyword analysis: learning from the competition

For a keyword analysis we use different methods and techniques. From our point of view, a detailed keyword analysis also includes an SEO analysis of the competition’s domains. This involves checking under which search terms the competition can be found and on which topics the competition has provided content.

As a rule, interesting conclusions for one’s own search terms can be drawn from the rankings and content pages of competitors. Of course, we check and evaluate the keywords obtained from the competitive analysis with regard to their relevance for our client. Here, too, our critical approach is an advantage. In the keyword analysis of the competition, we are helped by several SEO tools that have a very large database and thus deliver a comprehensive picture.

You also want to know under which search terms your competition can be found. We are happy to uncover this in a detailed keyword analysis – naturally with a critical relevance assessment. Call us now and get advice from our SEO experts.

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☑️ Keyword analysis by performanceLiebe

As an experienced SEO agency Hamburg and Google Ads agency we are the ideal contact for sound keyword analysis. Our SEO experts are well versed in researching and evaluating search terms. After a successful keyword analysis, we will be happy to advise you on further measures – for example, effective link building for relevant search terms. Would you like to get acquainted with our team and our services? We will be happy to answer your questions in a non-binding initial consultation.

With a keyword analysis from performanceLiebe you get valuable knowledge about the relevant search terms under which your company should be found. The researched keywords can also be used for other online marketing measures – even the paid ads can be used more efficiently with the right keywords. We will gladly prepare a detailed keyword analysis for you and subsequently assist you in the development of further online marketing campaigns.

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☑️ Google Keyword Analysis

A Google Keyword Analysis helps to find out valuable insights about a search term. These insights can be helpful in creating the best possible content as well as in search engine optimization. We are happy to perform a detailed Google Keyword Analysis for one or more keywords of your choice.

The Google search engine provides various data, which in a keyword analysis provides important clues to the search intention or the design of thematic clusters.

Our SEO experts use market-leading SEO tools. With these, a structured, thorough Google Keyword Analysis succeeds. The combination of these tools and our many years of experience leads to particularly holistic results.

☑️ Commission keyword analysis or perform it yourself

If you are an entrepreneur dealing with online marketing and have recognized the relevance of a keyword analysis, you may ask yourself the following question: Does it make sense to perform the keyword analysis yourself or would you rather leave this task in the professional hands of an agency?

As is so often the case, the question cannot be answered in a blanket manner, but below we would like to share some thoughts on this decision. Basically, the question of whether to commission a keyword analysis or do it yourself is a make or buy decision.

If you perform a keyword analysis yourself, you have to make sure that the necessary resources are available. On the one hand, you need the knowledge of how to perform a keyword analysis in a sound and comprehensive way. Human resources must also be kept ready, for example by allocating working time to this task. Since keyword analysis also relies on SEO tools, the company must license them and build up the necessary user knowledge. In most cases, it does not make sense for many small and medium-sized companies to carry out the keyword analysis themselves.

If you commission an agency to carry out a keyword analysis, you no longer have to worry about the aforementioned problems. The online marketing agency usually has very experienced employees available, they know how to perform keyword analysis very well and can do it conscientiously. Also the licensing of SEO tools falls under the responsibility of the agency, usually they even have several tools in use and thus achieve even better results.

Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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☑️ Find the right keywords

If you want your company to be successfully represented on the Internet, you have various online marketing disciplines to choose from. For many of them, it is important to find the right keywords. This also applies to link building. As an experienced link building agency, we are happy to help you find the right keywords for link building.

Without the knowledge of which keywords are relevant for one’s own company, the efficiency of online marketing measures dwindles. We help companies find the right keywords. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to successful content marketing campaigns. Our in-depth keyword research is not just about finding obvious keywords. Just researching problems that can be solved with the company’s products and services is a component of a sound keyword analysis.

You finally want to know which search terms are relevant for your business? Feel free to contact us! We are sure that during keyword analysis we will find many terms that you are missing in your current online marketing campaigns. Our SEO experts are at your disposal for a detailed consultation.

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☑️ Keyword analysis – the company in search terms

A detailed keyword analysis finds out relevant search terms for the different services, solutions and products. The main focus here is what are potential buyers looking for if the company’s products could satisfy the search intention?

At first glance, this question may seem somewhat trivial, but keyword analysis is more comprehensive and in-depth than one might think. Not only the pure product and service names come into question as search terms – problems that frequently occur with customers can also be a treasure trove of relevant search terms.

The benefit of a keyword analysis can be illustrated very well with an example:

A supplier of tomato fertilizer should definitely be found under the product names themselves – in this case, tomato fertilizer. But that’s not enough: a keyword analysis looks at what search terms customers are looking for who don’t know the product but suffer from typical problems. Such a keyword would be “tomatoes die” or “tomatoes do not bear fruit”. The seeker is faced with a problem that the provider’s product could help with. With a corresponding guide or a detailed info article, the searcher finds the provider’s website and becomes aware of its product.

A detailed keyword analysis makes it possible to find relevant search terms, even apart from the obvious ones. With the results of such an analysis, targeted SEO or SEM measures can be optimized. Our clients are always thrilled with the additional keywords we find out during a keyword analysis. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to work for you.

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☑️ Perform keyword analysis for website

A keyword analysis finds all relevant search terms for a website. Various tools and techniques are used in performing such an analysis. An important goal of such a keyword analysis is to find out the keywords that are not so obvious. These can be significant – and especially lucrative, especially if the competition overlooks them.

A website is a great place to start a keyword analysis. Ideally, not only the own website is examined, but also the websites of other market participants are used for the keyword search.

☑️ Keyword analysis cost

We often receive questions about the costs of a keyword analysis. Companies are afraid that keyword analysis requires a lot of effort and is correspondingly expensive.

At this point we can reassure you: Of course, a keyword analysis causes a lot of effort, requires a high level of experience of the performer and the licensing of expensive – but: As a performance marketing agency, we can offer you keyword analysis at a very fair price-performance ratio.

Our customers tell us again and again that the benefits of a keyword analysis carried out by us clearly exceed the costs. The insights gained through the analysis allow the effectiveness of the marketing measures to be noticeably increased.

The cost of a keyword analysis depends on the scope of the topic / website. For this reason, we can therefore not name any costs at this point. Just contact us, after naming your website our experienced SEO experts can quote the specific cost of a keyword analysis.

☑️ Keyword analysis website

We offer our clients the creation of a comprehensive keyword analysis. We use your website as a starting point for this. As part of this analysis, we determine the search terms for which your company will be found.

It is important for companies to know under which search terms their own website can be found. We use a combination of several powerful SEO tools for our keyword analysis website, which we use to determine the rankings of your website. This way we get the largest possible number of keywords with placements.

We recommend to perform such a keyword analysis also for the competitors’ websites – because many insights for your own online marketing activities can be derived from their rankings. Often, you come across search terms in this way that you hadn’t even thought of in your own content marketing campaigns.

The result of our keyword analysis website is a comprehensive report with a listing of search terms under which your website can be found. We also provide a comparison of search terms under which your competition can be found but you cannot.

Feel free to contact us, our SEO experts will be happy to create a detailed keyword analysis for you.

☑️ Keyword Analysis Google

Often companies approach us and order a keyword analysis Google. The goal of our clients is to discover new search terms under which they have not been ranked before – but which are still relevant for the company. Such search terms are often the ones that promise particularly promising potential and fast success for the company.

You want to improve your visibility on Google, then a keyword analysis is an ideal start. With us you will find out under which search terms you are already found – and under which your competitors are better placed (without your knowledge).

With such a keyword analysis for Google and other search engines, you can then optimize your SEO and SEA campaigns. We are happy to assist with these steps as well.

☑️ How can a keyword analysis help companies with their marketing?

As part of our activity as a professional SEO agency, we regularly prepare detailed keyword analyses for our clients. This shows that the analyses are of great importance to our customers and deliver real added value in practical day-to-day business. We will be happy to show you concrete examples of how useful keyword analyses are for the various marketing disciplines in your company.

A service company approached us and asked us to perform a keyword analysis. They didn’t expect much from the result as they felt they had a good awareness of the relevant search results for their business. When they saw our detailed report, they almost couldn’t believe their eyes. Among so many search terms was their contest, which they hadn’t even thought of yet. After going through our report, they immediately set about creating suitable content for the forgetting keywords. After a few months, we repeated the keyword analysis at the client’s request – and this time we were able to report significant growth in visibility. The customer was thrilled to be able to collect these Low Hanging Fruits thanks to our report. In this context, we speak of Low Hanging Fruits when an impressive improvement can be achieved with comparatively little effort. The cost-benefit ratio is particularly attractive in this case.

A medium-sized company has various regional locations and offers different services at each of them. Within the scope of a keyword analysis, it was our task to find out whether the company could be easily located with the regional services. In the process, we found that some services and some locations could not be located or could not be located sufficiently. In this situation, the company fails to exploit the full potential of the individual sites and ultimately loses money. In our keyword analysis, we also examined all regional competitors and were thus able to present an extensive list of search terms with which the company should actually be found in any case – but was not. In response to our analysis, the medium-sized company expanded its SEO campaign to include the missing keywords. After a few months, the first successes could already be seen, and after a year, all sites managed to reach their full potential.

We have also successfully applied keyword analysis for a large online store in a specific niche. Since the online store covers various topics, the keyword analysis was naturally very extensive and complex. The aim was to map the individual topics in detail and to use the respective competitor online stores as a comparison. The presentation of the results brought a variety of valuable insights for the operator of the online store.

Would you also like to benefit from our detailed keyword analysis? We are just a phone call away.

☑️ When does a keyword analysis make sense?

We are often asked when is a good time to perform a keyword analysis. From our experience as a long-standing online marketing agency, we can recommend the following approach:

  • At the beginning: If the company was newly founded, a keyword analysis is always useful. If a well-founded keyword analysis has never been carried out before, the measure should be tackled just as immediately. In most cases, marketers are surprised at the insights that can be gained through analytics.
  • Regularly: Once a quarter to once a year, a keyword analysis should be done routinely. During this period, new important keywords may appear in the search behavior. This is often the case when there are new trends or special social developments.
  • When adding new products, services or business units, a keyword analysis is also recommended. In this way, the expansion of the service spectrum or portfolio can also be accompanied in the best possible way in online marketing.

You want to know if a keyword analysis makes sense for your company? Our SEO experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and explain your specific needs for a keyword analysis. Our experts can also supervise all other subsequent, sensible steps.

☑️ Tools for keyword analyses

For performing a keyword analysis, there are a lot of tools on the SEO tool market that simplify this process. Some of these tools are exclusively limited to performing or supporting keyword analyses, others cover many other SEO processes.

Keyword analysis tools are either installed locally or used online as software as a service. The latter case is the most common. The use is remunerated with a monthly lump sum, the amount of the lump sum depends partly on the intensity of use (how many queries, how many detailed analyses, etc.). For the user, this form of software brings several advantages. The provision of the infrastructure required for the operation of the tools is the responsibility of the provider; the user only needs to provide an up-to-date browser and an Internet connection. The user has nothing to do with installing updates or fixing any errors.

The way the keyword analysis tools work is similar in a basic view: the tools obtain data from different data sources and aggregate them. Depending on the quality of the tool and its data sources, the result turns out to be more well-founded and comprehensive.

At this point, it should be noted: Even if some tools advertise trivial operation, you cannot perform a comprehensive keyword analysis with them at the click of a mouse.

☑️ Who performs a keyword analysis?

At our company, keyword analyses are performed exclusively by experienced SEO experts. With their many years of professional experience and their insight into various industries, keyword analysis can be realized by them in the best possible way.

Why is it so important to have keyword analysis done by experienced SEO experts? The goal of such an analysis is a comprehensive list of relevant search terms. In order for this to comprehensively and holistically depict the company together with its products and services, appropriate experience is required. Also the operation of the corresponding SEO tools, which is used in a keyword analysis, must be learned.

If a keyword analysis is carried out by inexperienced and or inexpert persons, there is a risk that individual perspectives will be forgotten or overlooked. In this case, important search terms could be missing and the analysis could lose its significance.

With us as a reliable partner with years of experience, you can be sure that the keyword analysis will be comprehensive and holistic. In addition, we have all the important SEO tools and know how to use them.

We will gladly find out all relevant search terms for your company. Our previous customers are enthusiastic about our results and can use the findings meaningfully in further marketing activities.

☑️ Why is a keyword analysis useful?

Data plays an important role in the development of an online marketing strategy – the more information is available about the market, products and competitors, the better the online marketing strategies can be created.

A good way to obtain such valuable data is keyword analysis. As part of such an analysis, search terms are researched that are relevant for the company.

Companies usually find it very difficult to simply name all the relevant search terms themselves. Often the problem of operational blindness comes into play – the company’s employees do not come up with all the relevant search terms due to their daily routine.

Keyword analysis helps to leave these well-trodden paths and get external incentives. In the context of a keyword analysis, search words are determined from different perspectives. Including from all relevant stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers and others. The result is an extensive keyword set, which is the ideal basis for further marketing activities.

☑️ Keyword analysis for better rankings

We see keyword analysis as the basis of sound search engine optimization. Although a properly conducted keyword analysis also has an impact on other online marketing disciplines, the effect on the former is ernorn.

With a keyword analysis, a company can achieve better rankings in the search results. How this works is explained below. Within the scope of a keyword analysis, one obtains an extensive list of relevant search terms concerning the company, the products or the services. Problems or solutions from the customer’s point of view can also be mapped as keywords.

If the keywords are then optimized as part of an SEO campaign, the company will soon be found under new keywords on Google and other search engines. These additional visitors can lead to further inquiries and orders.

Our clients confirm time and again that the key analysis we have performed has made a significant contribution to their SEO campaigns. From our point of view one thing is clear: If you want to seriously deal with search engine optimization, you cannot avoid a detailed keyword analysis.

We perform keyword analysis for our clients to help them achieve better rankings. We are also happy to work for your company. To do this, simply contact our SEO experts.

☑️ Data sources for a holistic keyword analysis

In order to perform a keyword analysis holistically, various data sources must be consulted and combined. Only a variety of different data points provide a comprehensive picture and avoid a one-sided view.

Which data sources can be used for a holistic keyword analysis? A lot of data can be obtained from Google Ads keywords, the web statistics program and Google Search Console. But Google Search also offers a wonderful source of inspiration with its Suggest function. With appropriate tools, these suggestions can be collected quickly and automatically.

With relevant SEO tools, additional keywords can also be researched. On the one hand, semantically similar or related keywords to an initial keyword can be searched. On the other hand, frequent questions around the search term can also be extracted.

You can also get valuable information for keyword analysis from the competition. Looking at their rankings in the search results will give you more ideas for relevant keywords. Just as before, using market-leading SEO tools can save a lot of time and effort.

Most companies have a valuable treasure trove of data right inside the enterprise. Initial problems and tasks can be identified in discussions with customers. Valuable insights can also be found in customer opinions on relevant rating platforms or in the in-house QM system.

With our holistic approach, you get a comprehensive keyword analysis. Our SEO experts use all available data sources to provide you with the best possible result. We have all the relevant SEO tools for this task and can also operate them ideally. Feel free to contact us!

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