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Content Seeding

We make sure that your content reaches your target group! With perfomanceLiebe as your content seeding agency, your content becomes known efficiently and effectively. This way you generate valuable attention, increase your awareness and gain valuable visitors.

As part of any good content marketing strategy, there needs to be a focus on content seeding – after all, good content only helps if it gets noticed. With our support, you can use content seeding effectively: For example, to generate more traffic, build valuable backlinks or achieve branding effects.

Content Seeding
Content Seeding

☑️ What is content seeding?

Content seeding is the dissemination of content to the desired target audience. As a rule, the content is distributed without any perceptible advertising character and achieves a particularly high level of attention in this way.

Different platforms and media can be used for content distribution. These are selected depending on the desired target group and content formats.

Content seeding is an important part of a content marketing strategy and can also support various marketing goals. We would be happy to advise you in detail on how we can contribute to your success as a content seeding agency.

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☑️ Content seeding increases your reach

As a content seeding agency, we ensure that your company generates more reach. To do this, we place content with a well thought-out strategy and reach your target group in this way. If no suitable content is available, it will be created by our in-house editors and journalists. In order to ensure successful content distribution, we maintain intensive relationships with numerous newspapers, media and other publications.

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Content Seeding

☑️ What are the benefits of content seeding for your company?

Content seeding brings numerous advantages for companies and for this reason should not be missing in any online marketing strategy. The benefits that can be realized for your company depend, among other things, on the marketing goals you are aiming to achieve. We would be happy to clarify what makes sense for your company in a non-binding discussion.

  • More attention: Attention is a coveted commodity on the Internet. The various services and media vie for attention and try to attract visitors with content and advertising. With content seeding, content can be placed directly in the field of vision of the potential target group. You want to attract the attention of your future customers – then it’s time we talked and we can convince you of our professional content seeding campaigns.
  • More backlinks: For Google and other search engines, links from other websites are an important relevance criterion. If the first places in the search results for an important keyword are contested, there is no way around strong and effective backlinks. With the right targeting, you gain new backlinks through content seeding. As an experienced content seeding agency, we know best how to enhance the link profile in parallel to the actual content distribution. Our clients love the combination of link building and content seeding.
  • More visitors: With the skillful placement and distribution of valuable content, it is possible with content seeding to significantly increase the number of visitors to a site. The media and publications on which the content is distributed play a major role. Our content seeding experts can provide you with excellent advice in this regard. We regularly achieve long-term traffic growth for our customers’ projects. The additional traffic gained is qualified visitors. This means that they are not just any additional visitors, but that they correspond to the target group or are similar to it in relevant characteristics. The increase in visitors not infrequently leads to a positive impact on other business-relevant metrics such as customer inquiries or orders.
  • More reach: How many people does your company reach every day? We are sure, with a well-designed content seeding campaign, we can significantly increase the reach of your business. Placement on other media brings your company, services and brand into contact with new people. This increased reach results in a multitude of opportunities: More reach means that more people come into contact with you or your company. In this way, new leads can be initiated or new business relationships can result. More reach can also lead to other media taking notice of you. This provides an additional multiplier and can iteratively expand the reach.
  • More brand awareness: It is a major challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies, to increase awareness of their own brand. In doing so, they are competing against the big players with the lavish budgets. With the help of a sophisticated content seeding campaign, you can give your brand awareness a significant boost. By publishing on various portals, one’s own corporate brand comes into contact with many more people – awareness and familiarity with one’s own brand increases.
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☑️ Content seeding – the different channels

When planning and executing a content seeding campaign, selecting and playing on the most relevant channels plays a major role. For the success of the same, it is important to be represented on the favorite channels of the target group. When planning a content seeding campaign, we look for channels that are used by the target audience of the product or service. With the right play on these channels, there is a positive effect.

Basically, a distinction is made between the channels for content seeding:

  • Owned Media: These media belong directly to the company. Accordingly, the content is also completely in the hands of the same. This is an advantage of this type of channel that should not be underestimated. In terms of trustworthiness, owned media is often perceived as weaker than earned media.
  • Paid Media: Paid media refers to placements that have been created as part of a paid publication. These can be paid ads, as well as native advertising. A good controllability of the measures is to be seen as an advantage, the promotional context as a disadvantage.
  • Earned Media: This category includes content that has been created on other platforms or media without direct commission from the company. Earned media is very cost effective due to organic distribution.

Do you want to take advantage of the different channels with content seeding? With us as your partner, you run efficient campaigns.

Content Seeding Channels
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Content Seeding

☑️ Successful content seeding with us as your agency

Our work as a content seeding agency helps your business gain more reach and exposure. We see ourselves as a competent partner who provides you with comprehensive advice. If you wish, we can take over the planning, creation and distribution of the content for you. Like many other companies, trust our years of experience and take your content seeding to the next level.

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