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Local SEO agency – build regional visibility

With us as a Local SEO agency you will achieve TOP rankings in the local Google search results. This increases your visibility among an extremely fast-growing user group: mobile users who use their smartphones to search for products and services in their immediate vicinity.

As a Local SEO agency, we make sure that our clients are found in the local search results in the best possible way. This includes not only the highest possible ranking – the searcher should also find as much and useful information about the company and its services as possible. He should become aware that the provider is the ideal contact for his concern. This is helped by outlining the services offered as comprehensively as possible, as well as elements that promote trust.

With these measures we increase the visibility of our clients and ensure an increase in the number of visitors to the website. More inquiries or more calls are another benefit of Local SEO optimization.

☑️ Why is Local SEO so important?

If you search Google for a search term with a local reference, Google also delivers so-called local listings in addition to the regular search results. The local search reference can arise on the one hand from an explicit search query “boat rental Hamburg” or from other factors. If the user searches for “boat rental” on his smartphone, Google assumes a certain local relevance there as well.

The great importance of Local SEO can be explained in particular by the great spread of smartphones – more mobile devices, faster Internet connections and more intensive use of smartphones ensure a continuous increase in mobile search queries. Naturally, this also increases the number of search queries with a local reference.

If you want to profit from this social development as a company, you can’t avoid dealing with Local SEO. As SEO Agency Hamburg our clients, we can even see that Local SEO is an important component for maintaining and expanding competitiveness.

Local SEO is an ideal complement to other online marketing channels and also provides more exposure in search results. Ideally, this will allow you to show up multiple times on the first search results page. A comfortable situation, after all, it leaves less space for your competition.

Local SEO optimization ensures that businesses are found under relevant queries – and can be contacted or visited directly by searchers.

Let us take care of your Local SEO professionally!

☑️ How does Local SEO work?

As a Local SEO agency, we deal with Local SEO on a daily basis. Over the years, we have been able to build up a wealth of experience and can therefore offer our clients valuable Local SEO optimization.

In order to be able to address the desired target group as efficiently as possible, Local SEO begins with detailed keyword research: What problems, wishes and tasks do the potential customers face? What terms does the target group search for? As a Local SEO agency, we have found that this method allows us to find out a large number of topics and terms that the client would not have thought of on his own. In this way, we cleverly circumvent the effect of operational blindness and thus ensure first-class input.

As part of the Local SEO measure, we perform a variety of work so that Google can see the local relevance of the company:

  • Revision of the actual website: on the company’s own website, we carry out various works so that Google can detect the location and geographic orientation.
  • Creation or revision of the Google My Business entry: This entry is the business card for the local search – and the first impression for the searcher by which he decides whether he calls the provider. Our Local SEO experts create this for your company and use the various possibilities of the Google My Business tool to optimally prepare the entry. We know all the important adjusting screws for successful Google My Business entries, this is where our many years of experience pay off. We also revise the entry in the graphic area for the best possible visibility.
  • Further optimization outside the website: With Local Citation, we ensure that the relevance of your company for Google and other search engines increases noticeably. It helps that we also have extensive experience as a link building agency.

With our measures your relevance for Local SEO increases: With increasing relevance visitors and inquiries from the region increase. You too would like to benefit from our services as a Local SEO agency, just contact us. We are also happy to perform other offpage SEO measures for you.

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☑️ Local SEO costs

It is important for companies to be able to plan the costs of a marketing measure. We will gladly comply with this request and provide you with a concrete offer for the Local SEO measure.

Mentioning the Local SEO costs at this point, without knowing your company, would be unserious from our point of view. Before we can quote you the costs for your Local SEO campaign, we create a detailed status quo analysis. To what extent has optimization already taken place in the past – and with what results? The goals of your company are also important for us: under which search terms do you want to be found in which region?

Based on this analysis, we create an action plan for you. In this, of course, the specific Local SEO costs are also listed. Our existing clients consistently tell us that our Local SEO prices are very fair. The additional inquiries from potential new customers often mean that the measure pays for itself within a short time.

By regularly surveying our existing clients, we know that our Local SEO costs usually pay for themselves quickly. Another indication of our reasonable price performance level is that many of our customers intensify the Local SEO measures – as soon as they notice the first success.

Feel free to contact us, after a non-binding analysis of your previous Local SEO measures we will submit a concrete offer.

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☑️ Local SEO for SMEs

Local SEO is a marketing measure that is suitable for a large number of small and medium-sized businesses. Especially for these businesses, findability in local search results is of elementary importance – after all, mobile searches on smartphones are increasing and very often with a regional search context. If you are not found there, you are simply missing out on a crowd of potential prospects for the company’s products and services.

We were already allowed to carry out Local SEO measures for many small and medium-sized companies. Businesses benefit from increased local visibility and increased customer inquiries.

☑️ With Local SEO into the Local 3-Pack

Local 3-Pack refers to a particular way of displaying search results. Here, it stands for three regional search results that are displayed within the regular entries. The more relevant the regional reference of the query, the higher the Local 3-Pack appears. For hyper-regional queries, it appears at the top and receives attention and clicks accordingly.

Why is presence in the so-called Local 3-Pack so important? The Local 3-Pack takes up a lot of space on the searchers’ screen. This leaves very little space for other results. In order to be found nevertheless, a findability via Local SEO is inevitable. We will be happy to advise you and help you achieve regional visibility.

We make sure that you are found with your location or locations in the Local 3-Pack. Feel free to contact us!

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☑️ Local SEO in interaction with other online marketing measures

Local SEO can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with other online marketing disciplines. Combining different online marketing channels increases your visibility within and outside of Google search results and generates more contact points with potential new customers. This increases the probability of contact and thus also the chance of more orders.

Online marketing channels well suited to Local SEO:

  • Those who do Local SEO should also do basic search engine optimization. In the best case, the company then appears twice in the search results. Once through Local SEO in the local listings and a second time through search engine optimization in the regular search results. This gives the company multiple chances to stand out to the searcher.
  • Search engine marketing can also be used in an excellent complementary way, with the placement of ads in the Google search results also increases the Presence in search results. In addition to Local SEO and search engine optimization, this way you dive up in the rankings for a third time – this leaves less inventory / space for competitors. A comfortable situation for the advertising company.
  • Paid social media campaigns can also support the success of Local SEO. With cleverly designed retargeting measures, searchers can be reached again on social platforms – and the company, along with its products and services, can be recalled.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on how to create an extensive presence in the search world of potential customers using Local SEO and other online marketing channels. Feel free to contact us.

☑️ Advantages of Local SEO

Local SEO is a marketing tool that should not be underestimated: More and more local search queries are being carried out every day and more and more customers are finding suppliers and products this way. For the company, this means the opportunity for additional sales.

The advantages of Local SEO are obvious:

  • Searchers come across your company as a solution provider at the very moment they are dealing with the problem or task.
  • Local SEO is not perceived by searchers as advertising, but as useful and helpful. Experience has shown that this makes for a completely different conversation starter.
  • Local SEO is sustainable and leads to a long-term increase in contacts, especially if you regularly engage in Local SEO
  • Local SEO leads to inquiries directly from the region, naturally any travel times are shorter as a result
  • Local search queries are in vogue

As you can see, Local SEO offers a variety of advantages. For this reason, more and more companies rely on this online marketing measure – and with success! Our clients also appreciate the excellent advertising effect of Local SEO and intensify their marketing efforts in this area. We would be happy to analyze which advantages arise for your company with the rather young marketing form Local SEO.

☑️ For which companies does Local SEO make sense?

Is Local SEO worth it for your business? We will be happy to explain for what kind of companies this marketing activity is attractive. Because the biggest advantage of Local SEO also leads to a limitation in terms of applicability at the same time.

The company must have a regional connection. This may look like the following, among others:

  • If the company has a retail store, it is ideal for Local SEO. With the marketing measure it is possible to generate targeted visitors who can subsequently visit the retail store.
  • Companies that operate in a specific delivery area are also predestined for Local SEO.
  • Are your opening hours relevant to your customers? With Local SEO, these are effectively displayed and presented – even in navigation apps.
  • Do you regularly receive clients in your office? Even then, you can use Local SEO to help your business get more attention.

We would be happy to see if the use of Local SEO makes sense for your specific case. As a Local SEO agency, we have already experienced with numerous clients how Local SEO positively influences the success of a company.

We will be happy to advise you!
Your personal contact
Patrick Tomforde
Managing Director & SEO expert
Rainer Naranjo
Managing Director

Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

Gladly also by phone:

+49 151 6780 4293 Contact now!

☑️ Local SEO Strategy

With the right Local SEO strategy, a company improves its position in the local search results. Since this is usually accompanied by more visitors and more inquiries, this even represents a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated. Our Local SEO experts will be happy to work out an individual Local SEO strategy – with which you will achieve TOP rankings.

☑️ Local SEO Agency Experience

Our clients are enthusiastic about our activity as a Local SEO agency. In the following, we would like to present some success stories to you – we would be pleased if we also had a new success story to tell with you soon.

  • A medium-sized craft business lived off its long-standing existing customers. However, natural attrition thinned them out and he was on the lookout for customers. He commissioned us with a Local SEO campaign and was able to report new high-quality inquiries after only a short time. In the meantime, he enjoys the steady influx of new customer inquiries and the fact that he can now pick and choose the best jobs. Seasonal order gaps are now also a thing of the past for him.
  • One service provider approached us and reported his low workload. Although there was a high demand for his service, only a few orders reached him. An analysis by us as a Local SEO agency quickly revealed the problem: Unfortunately, he was not to be found locally at all, the potential customers knew nothing about his existence. With our Local SEO measure we increased the local visibility. The customer was impressed and annoyed afterwards that he had not come across us earlier.
  • A law firm wanted to increase its workload and also get more lucrative assignments in its field of law. Through our detailed analysis and subsequent Local SEO optimization, the law firm was found among the relevant search queries. Fortunately, the local visibility increased quickly and the desired condition was also achieved.
  • A production company enjoyed orders all over Germany and sent its products to the respective customer. The sale of larger products, which were not suitable for shipping, was slow, as few knew him in his actual region. As a local SEO agency, we set about optimizing his local findability. A short time later, his regional awareness grew and he received more and more orders directly from the surrounding area. Among them were many orders for larger products – exactly the orders the company had been waiting for. Local SEO was a complete success for the production company.
  • Another example of our successful Local SEO optimization is a local retailer for home accessories. The retailer started with an online store, but then also used a brick-and-mortar store to sell its products. Our task was to promote the new store with the help of Local SEO. Since there were several similar stores of competitors in the indirect vicinity, the task was particularly challenging. With our expertise, we conducted an intensive Local SEO campaign. The result is impressive, our client is now ahead of its established competitors and can look forward to new customers.
Write your success story with Local SEO!

☑️ performanceLiebe – Your Local SEO Agency

We have been working as a Local SEO agency for our clients for many years. With an experienced team consisting of trained journalists and smart SEO experts, we are in the best position to help your business gain more local visibility. We recognized the relevance of local search results early on and specialized in this area. Over the years, we have generated a lot of knowledge on how to be found in the best possible way, even regionally. Benefit from our knowledge and experience!

Contact us now, we will be happy to assist you as an SEO agency in other areas of search engine optimization – for example in the area of buying backlinks. We take a holistic view of our business and are interested in your long-term success. We are happy to advise you across disciplines in online marketing and accompany you as a strong partner to more visibility, visitors, inquiries and sales.

You will be surprised with which expertise and creativity our Local SEO experts can contribute to your business success. In addition to a well thought-out implementation of campaigns, our specialists are of course also available for consulting.

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☑️ Local SEO Optimization

As a Local SEO agency, we regularly perform effective Local SEO optimization for our clients: This is the only way for the respective company to be found in the local search results and to benefit from the constantly growing number of local search queries.

Our Local SEO experts are very familiar with the different types of businesses and know exactly how to represent them in the best possible way. Whether you operate in a specific sphere of influence and visit the customer on site or your customer visits you in the store – we make sure that you can be found accordingly. Don’t miss out on the attractive local search market and start Local SEO optimization with us now.

☑️ More new customers with Local SEO

If you want to constantly acquire valuable new customers for your company, you cannot avoid Local SEO – at least if the products and services are offered locally. Local SEO measures help businesses gain regional visibility– and that’s what makes optimization so important.

In all major search engines, a large number of search queries are made with a local reference, and the local reference is of particular importance to searchers. They search for results, products and companies in their area. Often, such searches are performed directly in map services such as Google Maps. If the result fits, one click is enough – and navigation to the destination begins.

Local SEO optimizes the visibility of a company in a regional context. Ultimately, it does not matter whether the potential customer performs a location-based search query classically via the search engine or searches directly in the navi app. The company must be found if the range of services and the geographical proximity match the search query.

We have been successfully performing Local SEO for many years: Our customers benefit from top regional rankings and enjoy inquiries from new customers from the region.

You also want to be found in your region thanks to Local SEO? No problem with us as a Local SEO agency – just contact us. We will advise you in detail and then successfully implement the Local SEO measures. You are welcome to tell us your thematic focus at the first contact, then we can already analyze it and present you an effective Local SEO strategy based on it. Let our Local SEO experts advise you!

☑️ Being found locally – regional search engine optimization

The number of search queries with a local reference is increasing rapidly – more and more services and products are being searched for in the vicinity. If you can’t be found in local search results and Google Maps, you’re missing out on the opportunity to gain valuable contacts, inquiries and sales.

We make sure that your company is also found locally: With the right adjustments or extensions to the website and the creation of suitable citations, we generate regional relevance. The availability and consistency of NAP information (name, address, and phone) through appropriate services and directories cause Google to perceive the business location as relevant and legitimate.

Be found locally by making your company locations optimally visible on the Internet with us. Our Local SEO experts will advise you comprehensively and then work out a strategy with which your company will soon be found in so-called ” Near Me” queries.

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Do you need individual advice? Or do you have a question about our SEO services? Do not hesitate and contact us!

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☑️ Local SEO – Google My Business

A very important part of any Local SEO campaign is creating or revising the Google My Business listing. This holds huge SEO potential for companies. A poorly managed Google My Business listing, on the other hand, will result in the company not being found ideally.

The Google My Business entry is thoroughly optimized by us. We know exactly how the entry must be designed in order to be classified as relevant by Google. Our Local SEO experts enrich the entry with the appropriate content. Depending on the application, this can be text passages or structured data.

We make sure that the information in the Google My Business entry matches that on the actual company website.

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